2.1 billion people can only dream about your water.

Your World

Take a warm shower to start off the day.

Fill your Yeti with clean water to stay hydrated and healthy.

Trust that your doctors and restaurants won't poison you.

Your Reality

You don't even think about water.

Their World

Make the choice: their child goes thirsty or risks sickness.

They treat wounds and take pills with water that might make it worse.

Miss school and work regularly due to waterborne illness.

Their Reality

They worry that their children will become one of the 100's of kids that die each day from contaminated drinking water.

For $50, you can give TWO families clean drinking water for 10 years.

We wouldn’t give this kind of water to our pets, much less our children.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Filter of Hope, we share clean water and the Gospel with people in desperate need of both.

Together let’s make this World Water Day one they’ll never forget—the day they tasted clean, safe drinking water for the first time.

For $50, you can give a family clean drinking water for 10 years.
For $100, you can give two families health for today.
For $250, you can give five families hope for tomorrow.