Kids' Clean Water Project
Kids' Water Project


Thank you for considering to participate in the Kids' Clean Water Project. Our hope is that through this project the gospel of Jesus Christ will be spread to your children and those who will be receiving the gift of clean water through the water filters sponsored by your kids.

The Goals of this Program are to:
  • provide you with a meaning and impact mission project for your children’s ministry, whether to be used through your VBS program, Sunday morning or small group times.
  • educate your kids about the global water crisis which is the greatest killer on the planet today
  • cultivate a heart in our kids for the needs of people in poverty
  • to share the gospel in a very unique way with your kids
  • to raise money for water filters that will be distributed to families around the world
  • to give your kids visual and verbal proof of the difference they make in the world

This material has been designed to be in multiple ways, depending on the time available for the project. Many will use it as a VBS missions project, some will use it on Sundays for a 4 or 5 week project. Each session is designed to be a basic 5-10 minute presentation however we have additional materials that you can add in: games and other activities designed to create longer sessions. Feel free to adapt this material as needed for your group.


Throughout the sessions we'll introduce your kids to various aspects of the water crisis, what kids like them in other countries deal with and what they can do about it. We’ll bring in the gospel message, Bible stories and a lot of fun to teach your kids that no matter how young they are, they can change the world.

You'll have a guide for each session with what to say and what materials are needed. There are also optional materials available for purchase that will help your program be more fun, and provide your kids with resources to remind them of what this is all about.

We will provide at no cost to you:
  • copy of the leader's guide
  • copies of the take home sheets for each student (you can print out as many as needed)
  • a water filter and bucket for demonstration purposes
  • dirt or cow manure (processed so it doesn't smell) for use in the demonstration
  • Silicone Rubber bracelet for each child in your program as a reminder of the project
Optional materials available for purchase:
  • Donation cans for each child to take home to collect money ($1 each)
  • Water Bottles -- can use for leaders or as prizes for your kids ($2 each)

For More information about the Program or to receive your free program guide, please Contact Us.
Kids' Water Project

Kids' Water Project
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