Looking for an opportunity to help change the world?

Thank you for considering joining the Filter of Hope Intern Program.

If you are looking for an opportunity to help change the world, to make a real, tangible difference in the lives of others, then this program is for you. The internship is designed to be completed from your home in just a few short weeks. Your goal is to raise awareness and funds to provide 100 families with water filters and thus hope for their futures. When you complete the in-state portion of the program, you will earn an all expenses paid trip to serve on a Filter of Hope Distribution trip to either of the countries we are currently serving: Haiti, Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic. This program is different from other internships you may be familiar with. This program is designed for any age and is the first step in moving toward a more involved opportunity with FoH.


As a FoH Intern, you will raise awareness and funds to provide a minimum of 100 families with water filters. Each filter will provide up to 150 gallons of water per day, for up to 10 years. With the provision of a filter, you will literally be changing a families entire future. Filters sell for $40 each and are easy for someone to sponsor for a family in need. Once you complete the state side portion of the program, you will travel with FoH staff to distribute the filters you get sponsored.


FoH will provide all the training, tools and support you need to complete your program.

We will train you to use four very effective strategies to raise funds for the filters:
  • Letter writing campaign
  • Email writing campaign
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Public Presentations
We will not only provide you with all the training necessary but will also provide you with a filter, brochures, silicone rubber bracelets for supporters, and all the tools you will need to conduct your campaign. We hold regularly scheduled conference calls for training, questions and support, plus you will have total access to a FOH staff member to mentor you each step of the way.


The program is designed to take approx. 2 hours per week for 8 weeks. Some interns have completed the program in as few as 10 days, others may take a little longer. There is not set time frame you are required to complete the program. You work at your pace, however there is great momentum to be gained for beginning strong and investing time early in the process.


When you complete the sponsorship portion of the program, you earn an all expenses paid trip to distribute the filters you get sponsored. You can select from any of our trips to Haiti, Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic. The week long trips are scheduled throughout the year so you won’t have a problem selecting one that fits your schedule.

Once you return from the distribution portion of the program, you will receive:
  • Letter of Intern Completion designed to use with your resume for future employment
  • Press Release will be sent to your local newspaper outlining your participation and accomplishments in providing 100+ families with clean water
  • If you are a Univ. student and have a campus newspaper, we will send a press release to that paper asking them to publish your achievements
  • We will highlight your achievement on the FoH website, which will be searchable and useful for all future employment opportunities
  • Discounted opportunities to participate with FoH on future trips


All you need to do is contact us expressing your interest in the Intern Program. Allow 48 hours for us to respond but we’ll get in touch to send you more information. Once you watch a video that fully explains the program, you can let us know if you are ready to begin. Once you are ready, we’ll set up a phone conference to provide the initial training and help you launch your campaign.

Contact Us and we'll be glad to help you change the world.
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Intern Program Training Materials

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Interns & children playing in the rain
Rain or shine, our goal is to bring a smile and clean water to children and their families around the world.
Interns & children playing in the street
Something as simple as clean water can change the health and well-being of a child.