At Filter of Hope, we are committed to the Church. We value local churches in the U.S. partnering with local churches overseas to help grow and assist both communities.
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There are four ways for churches to get involved with Filter of Hope:
  1. Take our filters on your church’s existing mission trips.
  2. Host a "Water Day" to fundraise money for filters. The money can be used to send filters with other missionaries, or to raise money for your own Filter of Hope trip.
  3. Take a Trip with Filter of Hope.
  4. Participate in our Kids' Clean Water Project.
Hey Kids!
you can get involved with filter of hope, too

Kids' Water Project
Thank you for considering participating in the Kids' Clean Water Project. Our hope is that through this project the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be spread to both your children, as well as those who will be receiving water filters sponsored by your kids.

Featured Videos:

The goals of this program are to:
  • provide you with a mission project for your children’s ministry.
  • educate your kids about the global water crisis.
  • cultivate a heart in our kids for the needs of people in poverty.
  • to share the Gospel with your children in a very unique way.
  • to raise money for water filters that will be distributed to families around the world.
Our program is designed to be totally customizable. You can complete the whole program in a few short sessions, or spread it out to fill an entire VBS curriculum. The program alone is free with optional materials available for purchase. If you would like more information or to receive our complete program, please contact us.

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